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PLEASE NOTICE: Cuckold Forum Has Been Discontinued!


Last update: August 30, 2017

Cuckold Forum Review


Cuckold Forum is so much more than a place to discuss your cuckold desires. There’s a strong community that writes stories and lengthy forum posts on all their cuckold fantasies and real life stories, but there’s also a slew of picture galleries and videos uploaded by members and the site owners. Most of the content is amateur and there’s something new every day so it’s a great place to invest your cuckold porn dollars. As a member of the community it’s possible to make connections and friends, including a possible hot wife if you’re looking.


The sign up page is attractive and boasts that it’s free and easy to get started. They ask for your basic information such as email, username, password, date of birth, and location. Click the submit button and you’re notified that an activation email has been sent so you can get your Cuckold-Forum membership started. Once you’ve verified they encourage you to complete your profile, which includes a bit of personal information along with what you’re looking for sexually. This is not a dating site per se but they do try and facilitate meetings if you happen to click with forum members or someone stops by your profile. It’s worth uploading images and even videos if you’re looking to meet people.

Free Features

As a free member the greatest benefit is access to the forums. You can see the topics without signing up but you’ll find that trying to read any of the cuckold threads takes you to the sign up page. Once you’ve registered and confirmed you’re welcome to peruse the cuck forums at your leisure and they can be astoundingly arousing. Even more than cuckold porn it can be a thrill to read about real life relationships where the husband and wife explore what cuckold means and how it can be the most sexually arousing experience anyone has ever had.

For example, there’s currently a thread near the top of the Cuckold Relationships sub-forum that deals with guys cleaning up creampies in their wives. They post about how they love to get between her legs and lick the hot cum out of her pussy that the bull just fucked into her. It’s incredible and if that’s not what you’re into then there are hundreds of other threads you can check out, including some with hundreds of replies.

Free members can browse the groups, which anyone can start and which cover a wide range of topics. They’re more like forum topics than anything else, although there’s the option of including pictures and videos on the subject. The content uploaded rarely seems to match the subject matter though.

During the two week trial period free members can browse the Cuckold Forum pictures and videos at their leisure. There are nearly 6000 videos and 38000 pictures to browse, although the cuckold videos are the only part worth a damn. The pictures are just too small to get any enjoyment out of and browsing can be a pain. The videos stream in an embedded player that can be bumped to full screen. Some cuck vids aren’t high resolution enough to support that though.

During your free trial period you can communicate with all site members. For searching you can use “Quick Search” or “Advanced SearchQuick Search” on home page. There is more than 152.000 members, very decent number for fulfilling your specific needs.

Paid Features

Cuckold-Forum allows you to access everything as a free member until your trial period runs out. At that point you need to pay to get access to what you had for free. All things considered, it’s a pretty great deal. It’s well worth signing up to get a taste for what the site offers and to decide if being a member is for you. With large community, so many videos, so many amazing posts, and a wealth of stories to check out it’s incredible.


You can get a full membership for free if you’re an actual cuckold or cuck couple and you upload content to the site. For every upload you make they’ll give you 10 days of membership. If you want to pay to extend what you got for free it costs $5.95 for 2 Days Trial Membership, $29.95 for a month, $59.95 for 90 days.


There’s no question Cuckold Forum is worth your time and even your money. At the very least you should sign up for a free membership and enjoy the videos, pictures, forum, and dirty stories while you can. You’ll find an impressive amount of content, particularly the nearly 6000 videos you can stream that are almost completely comprised of genuine amateur content. The forum and videos would be worth a membership on their own and when you combine them and throw in a quality collection of dirty stories you have a cuckold porn site well worth your time. If you’re looking for a personals site the community section can serve you well.

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