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Do you want to become a cuckold queen? Some people may wonder why there are actually women who wants to become one. These are actually women or wives who is an expert or who is best at being a cuckold’s lady. Is it starting to become confusing? Well, let us discuss about this whole thing one by one and find out what it is really about the cuckold lifestyle that there are women who actually want to reign on it.

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If you have encountered a lot of cuckold personals on the internet, then it is just one proof of how popular this lifestyle is now. It also says a lot about how accepted this trend has already become. Before, people are still unfamiliar with this kind of lifestyle and they seem to despise and forsake it. However today, there is already that noticeable acceptance on the part of the couples with this kind of lifestyle. Now let us go back to the whole point of this article, why are there actually wives and single women who want to garner the throne of a cuckold queen? Here is why.

Cuckold women or wives are the partners of men who want to see their woman getting banged by another man. Yes you heard that right. This queens area actually women who are in a relationship yet are getting into extramarital or outside affairs other than their own. So why is there a need to be a queen at this kind of lifestyle? It is actually very hard for any woman to get involved in the cuckold lifestyle. There is that struggle of keeping your husband happy and the point of setting your limits with the lover. There are a lot of cases where a husband feels jealous towards the lover thus causing complication problems to the couple. In order to prevent this from happening, it is very much necessary that a woman knows how to handle the cuckold lifestyle very well. If they handle it that well, then they are regarded as a cuckold queen. What is a cuckold queen and how do you become one?

A queen in the cuckold lifestyle is actually a woman who is able to handle her married or relationship life with her cuckolding activities. This means that she is a woman who is able to please her husband and at the same time giving the right amount of time for her lover. She is able to fulfil her roles as a wife and as a hotwife that she contributes a lot of help in keeping her relationship and her marriage strong. You can become a cuckold queen by balancing your time and attention between your husband or your boyfriend and your lover well. That is the key to becoming a queen in the cuckold lifestyle. You have to know your responsibilities as a wife and also your responsibilities as a woman who is into the cuckolding lifestyle. Balance everything and know when to stop so you will not end up lacking time spent on your family and your husband or to your lover. Everything must be organized and in order. Doing all those things are only possible with a cuckold queen.

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slave cc April 12, 2023 at 2:57 pm

I’m an a married submissive cuckold slave, it’s really simple my wife likes to be in control of me , she likes to impose her will on me and I love her for it , I’m always submissive she dominates me punished me she controls every aspect of our relationship our marriage, My salary from work goes into my wife’s bank account direct deposit and I don’t have access to it , all the cars property everything is in my wife’s name , I’m always at her mercy for everything she says she micro manages me and laughs about it , we don’t really have a marriage , I would say it’s a TPE ( total power exchange ) relationship , I do all the housework, all decisions are made by my owner , sometimes and not very often she’ll ask me how I feel about certain matters but I’m completely depended on her , there’s no laying around watching sports like other husbands do my wife doesn’t allow any of that as a matter of fact I’m not allowed to touch the tv remote I watch tv with her only when she turns it on and chooses the program, most of the time I’m busy doing housework and my wife watches tv to relax usually by herself , now my wife does date other men but now for the last year and a half she’s settled down with Master Micheal a very handsome tall black man they are in a long term loving relationship , they are pretty open about their relationship I mean he has his own key to our house he comes here when ever he wants and my wife’s girl friend know him and they know me as Margo’s slave , my owner trained me to speak when I’m spoken to other wise I keep my mouth shut ,it’s was a lot of hard core SMBD over a period of time and I fought it but-she increased the intensity of these very painful discipline sessions , she took everything away from me she crushed my male ego with this and when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore she broke me down I found my sub-space I love her she can do what ever she wants to me I never offer any resistance if there is a problem she usually can fix it quickly with her riding crop , I never challenge her authority over me I’m not that foolish , we both feel that white women and especially married white women and Black men have this natural attraction to each other that should not be denied and my wife is able to be a bit submissive to Master Micheal he does control her sex life and mine too, I’m only allowed to have oral sex with my wife after they make love and they don’t use condoms, that way I’m always aware of him I taste him my wife is marked, after the first time I got on my knees and took his beautiful black cock in my mouth my wife watched and said she lost all respect for me as a man she said she witnessed Master Micheal completely emasculate me it really made her so horny and in love with him and she said it makes it so much easier for her to hurt and punish me now she does it now without a second thought no guilt or regret , my wife uses her hand on me but the catch is I have to have Master Micheal’s approval if he says no my wife will edge me without an orgasm , my wife loves to give me ruined orgasms which is frustrating but I do get a real hand job sometimes , we have a marriage well in line with the Black New World Order
and it’s rules for White marriage we believe that sexual intercourse is for black men and white wife’s it’s best if white husbands are pussy free and their sexuality is controlled like I am and a certain amount of homosexual sex between white husbands is tolerated but regulated by his superiors I have had arranged sex with other white sub husbands before I don’t ever have choice the only choice I had was I agreed to be my wife’s slave 20 years ago , Master Micheal and Mistress Margo make a great couple and my wife is so proud when she sees me get on my knees and worship Master Micheal


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