Hotwife Cuckold Lifestyle: Making It Work

by Cuckold Tips

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Contrary to what most people believe, married couples who end up having sex with people other than their partners are not always on the brink of separation. In fact, sometimes, it is the only answer that could help save the marriage. Why is this so? Then you definitely have to know about cuckold men and a hotwife cuckold. Cuckold men are actually married men or husbands who have the fetish or are able to find pleasure in watching their very own wives being banged by another man or by knowing the fact that their wives are having a sexual affair with another man. A hotwife cuckold on the other hand is a married woman who is open to the idea of being involved in a sexual relationship with a man other than their own husband with the knowledge of their husband. In this article, we will focus on the lifestyle of a woman cuckold and how to actually make the relationship work despite the unorthodox situation that they are into.

sexy blonde hotwife cuckold

Most of the time, it is difficult for cuckold man to make their wives become a hotwife cuckold. After all, would not it be weird if you will hear your husband plead you to have an affair or to perform a sexual activity with another man while he watches? Some women may jump right off their seats in shock when they hear this or might just end up having a heart attack. This would instantly translate that they have a crazy husband who wants them to do something that is very much unusual for wives to do for their husband. Or they may end up thinking that their husband is already losing interest in them sexually that is why he is already giving them the ticket to have an affair with other men so they could also have an affair with other women. However, those are not the case.

Cuckold men actually just have sexual dissatisfaction and feels that they will only be able to address this need by making their wives make out with another man. It is just a fetish that they think is satisfying for their sexual needs. It would take a lot of explaining and understanding from both the wife and the husband before they could actually end up with an agreement. Some wives do not agree with this favour and choose to get out of the marriage since they are not as adventurous or liberated like others to do an act that their husbands ask them to. However, most of the wives agree to become a hotwife cuckold because they understand the need that their partners have. They perceive that their husband is not asking them to have an affair with another man to ruin the marriage but instead, to make the marriage stronger. These men only want their sexual needs to be met so they can become more effective as a sexual partner to their wives. Seeing their wife making out with another man arouses them or turns them on so they become wilder in bed and they are able to perform at their best sexually also for the welfare of their own wives.

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Peter April 7, 2021 at 4:15 am

My wife was like you, very much so. We had and still do everything from financially secured and very happily married , she always loved sex and men. In her early years right up until recently that first week after her period she would be on heat. She would want sex 3 or more times a day and every day. Got to the point I said joking you need another guy to service you. I opened up a whole new world right there and then , 12 months down the track with lots of deep consideration and talking we took the plunge and advertised on a adult site. With in a couple months my wife had slept with many guys , its turned me on great deeply and she was getting all the sex she wanted . Still after 35 years my wife still has bulls visiting her . Do I regret anything…no I don’t


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