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Last update: August 30, 2017

Cuckold Place Review


As it says on the site, Cuckold Place is the net’s one of the biggest cuckold community. With more than 91,000 registered members, all of whom have to pay to get access, it’s an astoundingly big site with tons to offer any cuckold fan. When you join they give you access to a cuckold tube site, too, so you get videos along with the amazing stories and posts on the forums and the wealth of pictures their members have posted. Any fan of cuckolding, cuckold porn, and hotwives needs to at least visit the site.


When you register for Cuckold Place you do it through Verotel, their billing company. This is serious business. You need your credit card and you need to be ready to spend some money on one of the most valuable cuckold porn sites on the web. On CuckoldPlace they have instructions on how you get access to the sites included in your membership. After giving your credit card information and authorizing payment you’ll be sent an email with all your information so you can get started on having cuckold porn fun.

Free Features

Despite the lack of any free registration, Cuckold Place actually gives you quite a bit for free. You can read the entire forum without registering so all the fictional stories, real life retellings of cuckold tales, and more are available to you. With more than two dozen sub-forums to check out there’s a lot to see here. The number of topics to browse is well over 20,000 so it should take you quite some time to get through it all and you’ll be delighted at how often a truly remarkable piece of cuckold writing appears on the site.

The Cuckold Stories forum is a place for talented writers to play out their fantasies in fiction and there are some truly remarkable tales to be enjoyed. The posts with the most replies tend to feature the best stories so you can easily find them. In the Ultimate Cuckold forum you can read about wives humiliating their cuck hubbies for pleasure and listen to the guys talk about how good it feels. In the Sissy and Chastity Forum there’s talk of men dressing as women because their wives demand it. There’s also talk of servicing the bull. It gets pretty heavy but if you’re into that it’s hugely arousing. The Interracial Cuckold forum is huge with over 6,000 topics, many of them absolutely fantastic.

Paid Features

As a non-member of CuckoldPlace you can read the forum but there’s still plenty you’re missing out on. Any links to videos, picture galleries, outside stories, etc, are blocked from your view so you’ll have to join to check them out. There’s often really amazing stuff included in those links, but they’re the least of what you’re missing as a freeloader.

When you join Cuckold Place you get access to YouCuck, their cuckold only tube site that offers nearly 17,000 videos for streaming. What’s incredible is that almost all of those cuckold movies are shot and uploaded by amateurs that love their chosen sex life so much they want to share it with the world. Their exhibitionist tendencies get to be your source of incredible arousal. More videos are added daily.

Thousands of pictures are uploaded to Cuckold Place and as a non-member you can only see the tiny thumbnails. As a paying member you’re free to enjoy the full size version of all images and it’s fantastic. Most impressive are the thousands of captioned images. If you’re not familiar you might be surprised at how arousing it can be to read a simple bit of text on a sexy picture, whether it be in the cuckold humiliation vein or good interracial cuckold fucking or a bit of softcore play. You could spend hours with the cuckold captions alone!

Also important to note is the Cuckold and Swingers Personals forum. With more than 8,000 topics it’s a great place to meet men and women involved and interested in the lifestyle. There are daily posts and they’re genuine. It’s particularly easy to find a bull. Sometimes reading those posts can be arousing if you’re just looking to jerk off.

Members also get access to Cuckold Fart, a webchat site. I wouldn’t go in expecting cybersex or a great deal of erotic talk. It’s more of a place for cuck fans to gather and chat as friends. It’s well one and easy to access though.


You can purchase your membership to CuckoldPlace via credit card, online check, or phone. The first option is a 3 day trial for $9.95 that renews at $19.95 every 30 days. You can purchase a month for $29.95 and that will renew at $19.95 every 30 days. If you purchase a subscription that doesn’t renew it gets pricey at $39.95 for a month. Buy six months up front and you’ll pay $89.95, which won’t renew.


Cuckold Place offers an incredible wealth of arousing cuck content, so it’s no surprise they boast more than 91,000 members. The site offers an incredible forum filled with arousing posts that include thousands of real life stories, sexy cuckold captions, pictures of cucks and their wives, videos for download or streaming on YouCuck, a chat site, and it’s all updated daily to keep you interested and aroused. This is as close to a perfect cuckold porn site as you’re going to get, which is why a membership is well worth it. They even have a personals section in the forum where you can meet someone.

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Michelle November 28, 2016 at 4:18 pm

I’ve enjoyed the cuckold websites since put on to them by a crossdressing website. My wife has known about my CD since before we were married, but does not participate or encourage me in any way. I keep my body & legs smooth shaven; and it would be so great if my wife would encourage, even better, order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis. Seeing her with a dominant nature would be such a turn-on; she could even call me her feminine “husband bitch”. I’ve always had the fantasy and desire for her to experiment with other men of HER choice, and her telling and teasing me about her intimate sessions. She might even order me to lick her pussy clean after one of her dates. I’ve never been able to tell her these feelings and fantasies, as I didn’t think she could be open minded or accepting enough to include them into our marriage. Too little; too late now I suppose!


abdul March 9, 2018 at 4:52 am

Good guidance for become a member for purchase member ship for Cuckold Place.Wheather the member ship can be purchased from Pakistan.


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