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In hot wife cuckold husband relationships, it is only normal to expect the hot wife to have more sexual activity compared to her cuckold husband. However, this does not necessarily mean that hot wife cuckold relationships are not fair. This is because both of them achieve sexual satisfaction even if they have different means of achieving it. While it is true that the hot wife have more sexual activity compared to her cuckold husband, the cuckold husband can possibly get more sexual satisfaction. This is another proof that hot wife cuckold relationships are not that biased.

Hot wife cuckold relationships are very difficult to maintain. If you think that you won’t be able to handle this kind of activity, it would be best for you to stay away from this kind of relationship. It will take a hot wife and real cuckold to maintain this kind of relationship. If you are just pretending to be a cuckold, you will definitely regret it in the end. A cuckold husband is a man who is aroused sexually when he sees his wife having sex with another person. It is only normal if you think that you are not psychologically ready for this. In fact, no normal person will be able to feel this way. In short, you are definitely not normal if you get sexually aroused when you see your wife having sex with another person.

blonde bride having sex before cuckold groom

As for the cuckold husband’s hot wife, they also feel sexual satisfaction when they see that their husband is sexually aroused seeing her having sex with another person. Some of these hot wives are aroused not because of their sexual partner but because of their cuckold husband’s reaction. Hot wives and cuckold husbands are really hard to figure out. They tend to live on the extreme side of life that many people stay away from. If you think you have similar cravings with the ones mentioned above then you might as well be one of them.

Because this activity can be considered as an extreme one, it should be done in a discrete manner. This means that these couples should avoid exposing their extreme activity to the general public. While there are several sites and personals that are made for the purpose of cuckolding, these sites and personals are not made open to the public. In fact, there is no reason for them to expose it. At times, it would be much better to keep your cuckolding activities to yourselves. This is because not all people will be comfortable with these kinds of activities.

To avoid conflicts and issues involving other people’s opinions, it would be best for you to do your cuckolding activities in a discrete or secretive manner. You might be craving to show your activities to the public but trust me; it wouldn’t be a good idea. If you want to continue doing what you are doing right now, it would be best for you to keep your extreme activities to yourselves for the mean time.

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A fraser July 19, 2013 at 10:34 pm

we would like to know other couples and their ideas about cuckolding , and change pictures


Tran March 25, 2015 at 12:58 pm

I wanna be one of the cuckoldhusbands because of love to my wife. I know that my Sex activity is not enough for her and wanna to see her much more happier than I can do. The most important for me that she stays my wife. There is no meaning to me, how many men make sex to her. Those men are ” only” her Lovers,who sacrifice for her Lust and not her Husband like me


Michael December 19, 2016 at 1:40 am

I will agree with that it’s a good idea to limit the amount of exposure you give to your lifestyle. In my indenturment of twenty years, my Domme had bulls and lovers and while I wasn’t a cuckold or her husband but only a slave and sex toy, we maintained a vanilla exterior and only our closest friends knew the truth. When we were outside of the home I was a big strong husband and doting father to our son.
I’m anxious to get back into a lifestyle similar to the one I knew, but I have concerns about playing the role of bull, I’m extremely submissive with a need to please and just fantasizing it feels wrong, like I’ll surely be exposed as a fraud and forever be ostracized from this lifestyle. On the other hand, if present myself as a cuckold I’ll be required to perform as gay or bi and I’ll be exposed when I find that I can’t follow through. Woe is me
thank you for allowing me to share. michael


lastmaninline40 December 24, 2018 at 12:31 am

I think a cuckold relationship is fine as long as both partners agree.
Look around you when a female dog comes in heat there are several male dogs that service her and the male dogs always wait patiently for their turn.
I have shared my wife with many men and even several gang bangs and in the beginning it was difficult to watch other me being intimate with her but I have watched as many as five men screw her in a row and she has several orgasms with them but each guy had to recover after each time he came .
Trisha admits that she likes several guys at times just because she is multi orgasmic and with several guys there she can cum until she is exhausted and still lay there and let them all have their way until they are spent.
I film most of our get togethers so that on days when she isent busy we can watch them as a foreplay.


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