Should You Breakup With Your Cuckold Boyfriend?

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Women these days are shocked hearing their very own boyfriend asking them to have sex with another man. They go like, WHAT? It is a very crazy idea for those who are not yet oriented with the cuckold lifestyle, but for those who are, this is not something that new. These days, the cuckold lifestyle is becoming more and more famous. And that is the very reason why cuckold ads are everywhere on the internet. Now the puzzling question is, should a woman breakup with her cuckold boyfriend? Let us discuss more about the cuckold lifestyle and try to understand its very sense and figure out the answer to the question.

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Before we could try to understand the nature of a cuckold boyfriend it is very essential that we first tackle about the cuckold lifestyle itself. A lot of people would raise their eyebrow in this kind of lifestyle since it is inclined to the side of infidelity, disloyalty, and being unfaithful to the partner. However, those words can only be used for those couples wherein the other is having an affair outside the relationship in the absence of the knowledge of the other one. In the case of the cuckold lifestyle however, the couple knows what the other person is going through, in fact, it is the man who wants his partner to have an affair with another man. That is a totally different thing since there is no infidelity and disloyalty since there is the presence of the knowledge of the other partner about the affair.

breakup with your cuckold boyfriend yes or no

Now, the question is whether a woman or a girlfriend should breakup with her cuckold boyfriend if he will ask her to actually have an affair with another man. The thing that has to be considered is whether a woman is actually ready to entertain the thought that his boyfriend is already dissatisfied with what they have that he needs to ask this very huge favour to his girlfriend just to spice up the relationship. There are women who are able to easily accept this thought about their cuckold boyfriend but there are also those who just cannot take to get involved in this kind of lifestyle.

The answer to the question would be depending on the woman. If he or she feels like it is that necessary to be involved in a cuckold lifestyle and it is worth saving the relationship, then giving in to the favour may be necessary. However, if she feels that she does not love her boyfriend that much that she would not want to give in to the favour, then it would also be reasonable. There are already a lot of people who are into the cuckold lifestyle so it is no longer that shocking to get involved with it. As for the acceptance of the lifestyle, there is nothing to worry about as it is already widely accepted. Having a cuckold boyfriend does not mean that you are inefficient as a girlfriend, instead, it is just a proof that there are indeed different needs of men that women sometimes have to address, whether it would ask them to have an accepted affair with another man.

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Michelle November 11, 2015 at 9:12 pm

I would love for my wife to cuckold me. Being submissive to her has always been my fantasy, I just never found a way to tell her. I doubt she could understand, or want to try anything of that nature. The thought of her flirting and being with other men is a total turn-on. I’ve also never told her of my nylon clad foot and shoe fetish. One of my biggest fantasies is of her coming home from work after a long day on her feet. She’d order me to slip off her shoes, and massage, kiss, and smell her warm smelly nylon clad feet. As an afterthought; she’d order me to kiss and smell the inside of her well worn smelly shoes. Thus; my submissive nature. I also wonder what she really thinks of my feminine side, and my enjoyment of crossdressing. She never brings up the subject, as I’d be pretty much open to anything she might suggest. I guess I can just keep dreaming.


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