Tips for a Wittol – Having Fun While Watching Your Wife Pleasure Others

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You know how everyone assumes that husbands who catch on to their wives’ extra marital affairs are quick to anger? Well, it is true that men tend to go into a jealous matrimonial rage whenever they catch their wives seeing someone else, but what some of you may not know is that there are wittols who actually enjoy the thought. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, wittols are husbands who condone and actually find pleasure in knowing of their wives’ immoral affairs. In a way, these husbands can also be described as cuckold lovers because they take pleasure in seeing their wives get banged up by other men. So if you happen to run into a guy that would like you to do his wife in front of him then you should probably consider yourself lucky because not all men have the privilege of being asked to do such a favor.

If you are a wittol who is looking to find you’re a wife a nice bull she can turn up the heat with then here are some tips that you should take into consideration.

Remember that you should never be quick to anger because this might cause a lot of trouble for both you and your wife. Always remember to observe some self-control whenever you arrange a date between your wife and a bull. You should try to act in a civil manner so as not to scare away your “guest” because you did agree to do this. You should also try to act cool and calm when you meet your bull because this will make him feel at ease knowing that his transaction with you is legit.

Every wittol knows that he should try to make his wife look as hot as possible so that more bulls will come charging towards her. Try to convince your wife to look tempting whenever you go out so that other men will take notice. This will not only boost the chances of having your wife catch the attention of a bull, but it will also raise her confidence level as well. You can go out and public and proudly display your wife as if she were a gold medal that you had just won in the Olympics. This strategy will definitely have a lot of women drooling over your wife in no time.

wittol safety first

And last, but not least, try not to overdo it too much. Sure it is a fetish that both you and your wife enjoy, but you still have to think about the consequences in the long run. Wittol or not, you have to remember that she is your wife and constantly making her have sex with other men on a constant basis can lead to her acquiring some STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). So learn to control your fetish for you and your wife’s sake. No matter how you look at it, she might be doing the deed with other men, but the wedding ring on her finger is an indication of where her loyalties truly lie.

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